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  • (柔道) Jūdō - Meaning the gentle way, Judo, is a Japanese martial art, philosophy, complete pedagogical education system and Olympic sport created by Dr. Jigoro Kano, former Japanese Minister of Education and Educational Pioneer. Judo emphasizes pliancy, and the capturing of an opponents balance and energy to execute spectacular throws, take-downs, ligament/joint locks, chokes, and pins to disarm and disable in self defense. In art form Judo shows how gentleness assuages aggressiveness, and pliancy endures strength to show controlled dynamic movements that inspire awe, fill the heart with courage, and instill compassion for our partners who train with us. The ultimate goal of Judo is to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit of those who study it, who then benefit and better the world. Judo is a art and philosophy system that anyone can learn, from young to old, big to small.

Normal Judo Schedule : Sunday 7:00PM - 8:00PM | Monday 6:00PM - 7:00PM

UPDATE: as of 2.27.2022 the Judo club is conducting a new Judo

  • (截拳道) Jeet Kune Do - Meaning the way of the intercepting fist, created by Bruce Lee. Originally conceived by Lee using methodological study of self-defense and martial art techniques from Western Boxing, Fencing, Wing Chun Gungfu. The concept of interception or attacking while one's opponent is about to attack is the central pillar of Jeet Kune Do's techniques. Jeet Kune Do works by using different "tools" for different situations, where the situations are divided into ranges, which are: kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling. Philosophically Jeet Kune Do practitioners believe in conservation of motion 'waste nothing', pliant adaptability 'be like water', and exercises these concepts by using minimal movements with maximum effects and extreme speed.

  • (禅) Zen (Meditation) - derived from the Japanese Buddhist practice of Zen (commonly translated as mediation), Zen Meditation is a mental discipline which seeks to teach mindfulness, introspective contemplation, and awareness by emphasizing rigorous self-control, meditation-practices, and the personal expression of this insight in daily life, especially for the benefit of others . Zen practice incorporates zazen (seated meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), Koan (poem) reading, and active meditation which utilizes movement memorization techniques and kata (formal exercises /forms) to train the mind and body together.

Monthly tuition includes

  • Price - $60.00 USD

  • Full access to all provided courses for 1 month!

Seasonally tuition includes

  • Price - $175.00 USD

  • Full access to all provided courses for 3 months!

  • 1 personal lesson to be scheduled at your convenience!

Yearly tuition includes

  • Price - $650.00 USD

  • Full access to all provided courses for 12 months!

  • 2 personal lessons to be scheduled at your convenience!

Personal Lessons includes

  • Price - $50.00 USD per lesson

  • Private Lesson to be scheduled at your convenience!

Association Membership Includes

  • Price - $60.00 USD

  • Largest judo organization in the US!

  • Accident and Liability Insurance

  • Online training materials by our very own #TeamUSA Olympic athletes!