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Team Cactus Sage brings the heat to freestyle invitationals! Brings home the gold!

posted Aug 22, 2016, 7:22 PM by Robert Nolan   [ updated Aug 22, 2016, 7:51 PM ]

August 20th, 2016 - 

    This tournament season has been a blast with the Arizona Freestyle Association holding 2 invitational tournaments, at the end of spring and summer respectively. Each tournament has been chocked full of judoka and jujutsuka from around the southwest-- each vying for control in stand-up and ground grappling. For those not in the know, Arizona's Freestyle Judo invitationals occur seasonally, and Cactus Sage School sent a small but skilled team to meet out these challenges. At this spring's invitational tournament Senior student Ben took 1st place in his division, winning with amazing use of hirai goshi and ude garami! Senpai Ducky & Jake also placed 3rd each respectively in the heavy weight and super heavy weight categories. This of course could not have occurred without Sifus Sean Thompson and Arizona State Judo championship 2nd place winner Ricky Harper, for coaching our competitors. 

    At this summer's invitational, Richard Conway and Alberto Cuellar Jr fought hard and represented the Cactus Sage School. Both trained hard and as a result brought back a silver medal! Richard made fantastic use of his own personal strength and cardio training to enhance the judo training taken under the tutelage of instructors Robert D. Nolan and Wes Fukushima. Richard is a great example of a Judoka who balances the responsibilities of personal and work life with those of a dedicated Judo practitioner. Alberto, affectionately called Beto, jumped right into this tournament despite being the newest Cactus Sage Student ! Although ranked as a novice, Beto went toe-to-toe in the advanced division and went on to submit one of his opponents by Juji gatame (arm bar)! Both of these young men are fine examples for our community as to how men should conduct themselves on and off the mats-- resolute in the face of adversity, exuding grace and dignity! These young men prove that the strength of Phoencians does not come from fancy training facilities, cannot be measured in dollar signs, but comes from their unwavering dedication, resolute spirit, and good ol' fashion hard work! 

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Congratulations both of you for a fantastic performance, we are immensely proud of you!