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Martial Arts: a business of inopportunity or an opportunity for change ?

posted Dec 8, 2015, 12:11 PM by Robert Nolan   [ updated Dec 27, 2015, 8:45 AM ]

Hey guys I am proud to announce that it is finally official, Cactus Sage Judo is a registered and recognized club of the United States Judo Association! Further more it is the only registered and and active club in the entirety of Phoenix, let alone central Phoenix. Last Spring Sensei Gary Goltz challenged me to create a new home for Judo in Phoenix Arizona. Why is this distinction important ?

A 2011 survey conducted by SMR correlated the availability of martial arts instruction to the mean income level of the neighborhood (Simmons Market Research). Opening a dojo in an affluent area isn't new. What gets left out are the people. Demographics that would benefit the most from instruction in the arts, are the same ones that are statistically most vulnerable to violence (NCVS). According to the National Crime Victims Survey "...those with household incomes below $7,500 are more than three times more likely to be robbed than those with incomes above $75,000". Unfortunately the underlying correlation here is that the people who NEED martial arts the most; the young, the disabled, the poor, ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ people. People who are targeted for violence, yet denied this opportunity because of the seemingly inherent nature of Martial Arts Instruction for profit.

At Cactus Sage Judo we strive to embrace all in an environment of acceptance. Moreover a concrete plan has been set into place to to outlined benchmarks to not only grow the presence of the school, and martial arts in phoenix but to rectify the the in-opportunity presented. I encourage you to join us! Come to practice, learn, and spread a message of community, compassion and fun to everyone you know.

Cactus Sage School is open to all. See ya soon,

Robert Dale Nolan

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