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Judoka raising money for Arizona Youth by walking across America

posted Mar 18, 2017, 10:55 PM by Robert Nolan
Hey everyone,

2016 was pretty rough, broke my arm, almost died, all while going to university (which is sort of like dying, but much slower and more painful). But there was more to it than that. While undergoing surgery for my arm my lungs filling with blood due to freak pulmonary edema, all I remember is waking up essentially drowning in my own blood, thankfully hospital staff was there with me. They quite literally saved my life. I almost died that night and I decided that I wanted to see more and do more than I ever had before.  After that, I endured months of physical therapy while continuing to training and teach Judo in combination to working full time and putting myself through undergraduate school. With graduation looming and a near brush with death, I finally decided to bite the bullet and pull the trigger on another personal goal of mine: through-hiking from end to end the entire Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The PCT is a massive, beautiful and dangerous hiking trail the spans the distance from Mexico to Canada. Going through these difficulties has given me a renewed resolve not only to achieve my own goals, but also to be of service to the communities of which I am a part of. To do that I will be using a service called 'Hikefor' where supporters can pledge to donate money for every mile we walk on the PCT. Donated funds will be directed to two nonprofit organizations Phoenix based,  Onenten which provides services for LGBTQ youth of Arizona, and the United States Judo Association. Below are links to Hike for where you can make a pledge to donate money to these organizations for every mile we hike. In addition to that, I will also be accepting personal donations, serviced through Gofundme which will be used for food and water.