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Cactus Sage School acts as cultural-ambassador of Arizona

posted Apr 5, 2016, 4:18 PM by Robert Nolan
March 23rd 2016

Judo, as an art, sport, and philosophy not only promotes positive qualities for individuals, but also for groups. Judo can and is actively used to promote peace, empowerment, and social inclusion all around the world. In Arizona, when the call came from Emeritus Instructor 4th Dan Robert Corella, Cactus Sage School took charge. In collaboration with Kenshin Dojo, Cactus Sage School founder helped give an educational and cultural tour of the Arizona's Mogollon Rim and Scenic Sedona to Araki Mujinsai Ryu Iaidokas, Akitaka Masui and Koji Masui. The Masui brothers (and a cousin) recently took 2nd place at the All Japan Kenbu (Sword Dancing) finals. While in Northern Arizona, Cactus Sage founder Robert Nolan gave brief lessons on local Native American (アメリカ先住民 戦 い) practices and culture as well as the local geography. Myself (Robert), Kenshin Dojo Iaidoka Morgan L. and the Masui brothers spent the afternoon hiking, conversing, eating and sharing good times before eventually making our way to the Devils bridge of Sedona

"Judo has helped foster in me a love of other cultures and languages, I learned Japanese slowly by learning Judo. This has helped me reach out to people with whom at first glance may not have a connection. Judo teaches you a to be compassionate and to try new things, meet new people, but most importantly that you can bridge gaps in culture and language." Robert Nolan